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At the core of this site is my previous static photographic site.

A mate said to me recently, instead of doing all those travel journals in PDF, have you ever thought of having a blog that we could visit at our leisure, to which my immediate reaction was, “Nah, I am happy doing things the way that I am”.

While driving home after my mates comment and knowing that one of the blokes on the committee of the Doncaster Camera Club had just put together a fairly swish web site with WordPress, I thought I would have a nosey into the possibilities despite my first reaction. Initially thinking that maybe I would do a subdomain blog attached to my static web site just for the “Travel Journals” component. However once I discovered the ease and versatility of WordPress there was no turning back. So here it is, a complete web site including blog/s.

Now why on earth I would need a blog to spruik to the world is beyond me, I get enough opportunity to do that with the mates at the club. So spruiking is out, the blogosphere, I think has enough of those sites.

So I need to be careful that the site remains a pleasure for me to blog on and hopefully for people to visit. For that reason I intend to refrain from controversial subjects (eg Politics, Anthropogenic Global Warming, Religion etc). However there is one subject matter that for some may be controversial that will get visited from time to time but lets not identify it just now.

When Chris and I are in the Outback, travelling around this great country, with very few newspapers, no TV, very rarely any radio coverage, it is amazing how much more at ease we are with ourselves and our life in general. I remember we knew nothing of the Global Financial Crisis until 4 weeks after the proverbial hit the fan. We remember coming out of the desert and finding that we had a female Prime Minister, 3 weeks after the coup.
So the main thrust of the site it to share our photographs and experiences, mainly from the Australian outback but from time to time elsewhere also.

Hopefully some of the photos may impart to some small degree the thrill we experience actually being there and also maybe it will encourage others to experience it also. The communities in the outback, contrary to a lot of peoples belief, are very keen to see travellers and their need for supplies. Not only does it bring $’s into the towns and communities but employment and community activity that gives new life to remote communities

So up for discussion are.

  • Photography
  • Photographic Software, Lightroom in particular.
  • Photo books with Lightroom
  • Web/blog sites with WordPress
  • Outback travel in Australia
  • And any other subject that may arise from time to time but moderated to my rules. A little self indulgent I know but that’s the way it is.

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