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I have recently finished assembling a second photo book of the Australian Outback. Basically this book is a record of our travels in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 to many magnificent places, some you will know some you will not.

Outback Australia

Volume 2

Please see preview here

Whatever you don’t order a book from the link on the preview site, you will need a bank loan. See below for pricing.

This new book comes in 2 sizes

  • 22 x 28 cm  landscape ($49/ copy plus postage)
  • 28 x 33 cm landscape ($69/ copy plus postage)

Both are printed on 216 gsm high quality paper. If you are interesting in purchasing a copy please email me;

Outback Australia

Volume 1

Choice of 2 Sizes and 3 Price points. Click on the cart to order. Ebook for Ipad here

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