While I have always maintained that this blog would never discuss religion or politics and/or current affairs, with recent events I can’t help be reminded of a quote from one of my idols, Bertrand Russell

“Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power.”


My thought for the day.

Who needs a new 4×4

We really think we are so clever in our flash 4WD’s.

Check out this video – amazing must watch for off road enthusiasts.

I think it must be the narrow wheels being able to penetrate to the solid ground underneath the mud.

This is a fabulous clip from yesteryear.

Thanks Cliff for the link


Birds of Paradise

A mate of mine (Thanks Mel) sent me a link to this Youtube video and I was so taken that I decided to post it here.

Chris and I did have the opportunity to see some Birds of Paradise a few years back while holidaying in PNG but saw nothing like this.

Incredible, Enjoy!