Book – Outback Australia Volume 2 – UPDATE

Hi Everyone

I guess I was a little premature in sharing my book when I printed the first proof copy.

I have since had it proof read and all typos and grammar checked and corrected by a wonderful ex English teacher friend (Thanks Di.)

In addition to the corrections I have redesigned the cover (thanks Kimbal for the suggestions) and made a couple of other minor changes.

The book comes in 2 sizes

22 x 28 cm at $50 per copy
26 x 33 cm at $69 per copy

But to get them at this price please only order from me and not via the link below. I currently have a few spare so if you want a book before Xmas let me know.

Email me at or or if you have it my normal gmail email address.

So to review the Large version of the book THIS IS THE LINK – Outback Australia Vol 2  (Best viewed with Adobe Flash Player installed in your browser)
The Small version is exactly the same, just smaller.

Hers is the new front cover.

Front Cover Final



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