2018 Tour – Part 2


With Harold and Di’s camper all set to go, we drove out of Maroochydore early afternoon on the 6th June headed for Carnarvon Gorge. This gave us 2 nights en route as we were booked in at the Takarakka Bush Resort on the 8th June.
By the time we set up camp on the 8th it was too late in the afternoon to do any walks so went up to the bar for happy hour and an info talk to help decide our options for walking over the next 3 days.
The following morning for a pleasant warm up we walked Mickeys Creek, Warrunbah Gorge walk then coffee at the “Wilderness Resort” and in the afternoon we walked the Baloon Cave and checked out the visitors centre.

Tall timber – Mickey Creek Walk

Heading into Mickey Creek

Warrumbah Gorge

Warrumbah Gorge

Warrumbah Gorge

Warrumbah Gorge

Aboriginal Art – Baloon Cave

The following morning Di, Chris and myself rose before dawn and headed for Boolimba Bluff, a 6.3 km walk but much of it straight up. We were suppose to watch the sun rise onto the escarpment but alas, despite our early rise we were about a half hour too late.  The walk, while testing, was brilliant and the site at the top of the bluff was spectacular. Unfortunately a photo does not do it justice.

View from Boolimba Bluff

The Boolimba Bluff walk pretty much did us in for the day so we did some washing and hung around camp with a plan for the next day to head up the gorge doing a 14km walk incorporating the Art gallery, Moss Garden, Wards Canyon and the Amphitheatre.

As planned we headed up the gorge the following morning and after doing the side walk into the Moss Garden, Harold elected to head back to camp while Di, Chris and I set off to complete our planned walk with the intention of going to the Art Gallery and then complete the rest of the side walks on the return journey down the main gorge.

Well when we arrived at the junction of the main track and the side track to the art gallery, the sign stating that the walk to Big Bend (regarded as the farthermost attraction) was only another 4km (8 km return to that where we were. It was too much to resist for us intrepid walkers, so we set off, albeit a little late in the day to be contemplating an extra 10km walking over and above the original plan of 14km.

We arrived back at camp having completed 25.5 km at around 5.30pm very exhausted but totally satisfied at our accomplishment. In fact Chris and I had elected not to got to the Art Gallery and the Amphitheatre side walks as we had seen them on a prior visit to Carnarvon Gorge but not so Di, so we waited at the junction of each of those side walks for her. The result is that Di ended up doing about 27km for the day.

On Tuesday the 12th we packed up heading for Agnes Waters / 1770. Remembering the great coffee we had in the park in Rolleston on our way to Carnarvon, we dropped in once more on our way back through the town.

Fabulous spot run by volunteers in a lovely park and great coffee.

That night we camped in the Heritage Park in Biloela arriving the following day in 1770 (yes it is the name of a town, the first landing spot for QLD by Captain Cook in 1770).

Di negotiates the Paperbark walk -Agnes Waters

Wildflower at Chinamans Beach

Clouds over Agnes Waters

Butterfly enjoying a grass tree flower

We have now spent a few days checking out this wonderful quiet spot and enjoying some pleasant weather. It is Sunday the 17th June as I type this and tomorrow we set off for Yeppoon

That’s it for now.

Don’t forget to check out our map here.

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  1. AnnMaree says:

    Wow, thank you very much, really love the scenery and shots of the intrepid travellers along the way.

  2. Bill Wilkinson says:

    Well done Di it all looks fantastic

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