Our 2018 Tour in brief

Our 2018 tour of 4 months and 16,000 km condensed into 9 minutes of video.


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4 Responses to Our 2018 Tour in brief

  1. Cliff McIver says:

    well that is very good and a lot of work for you .
    You must have a drivng force at home ,HaHa
    Thanks Graham
    Cliff McIver

  2. AnnMaree and Neville says:

    Hi Graham, thank you so much for a lovely display of photographs from your recent trip inland and all around this wonderful country of ours. I have enjoyed travelling with you feel it won’t be long before you are out there again. Happy Travelling.

  3. Graham says:

    Thanks AnnMaree and Cliff
    Small Typo (well large actually) have just updated on Youtube (mariner = marina)
    Don’t you hate that.

  4. Lorraine Gray says:

    Hi Graham, I always look forward to your collection of photographs of your travels through the Outback and once again you have exceeded my expectations. Beautiful photos and I can only imagine how hard it was to choose which ones to use for the tour video. Thanks for sharing them!
    Love Lorraine

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