He who dies with the most gadgets wins.

OK, so I have purchased a DJi Osmo Mobile 2 and took it out for a test run. The Osmo Mobile is a gimble to keep movements of your phone videos steady and smooth plus a host of other great stuff. Here is my first attempt. Hopefully we will see some significant improvement in the future. I have a lot to learn about the intricacies of time lapse. Particularly the frequency of frames for a particular situation.

For more info go here for Osmo 2 


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2 Responses to He who dies with the most gadgets wins.

  1. AnnMaree Caine says:

    Looks really good, lovely countryside, you did well Graham – keep up the good work. Lovely assistant … Look forward to the next exciting episode!!!

  2. John Lacey says:

    I think Chris must feel like someone is now following her.

    Cool Graham, I need an instructor.

    Cheers John

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