New Zealand 2019 Part 1

Damian, our son, was taking his 3 boys to New Zealand for a skiing holiday during the NSW school holidays and asked us to join them so that we could spend some time with our grand kids. With us living in Melbourne and the grand kids in Sydney the opportunity to spend some time with them and at the same time fit in some magnificent site seeing in NZ was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

So the plan was for Chris and I to spend 10 days with Damian and family, and when they return to Australia we will spend the rest of the month (July) exploring NZ, flying out of Auckland on the 31st July.

So while Damian and the boys were skiing most days Chris and I took the opportunity to explore the area around Queenstown. See our map here . Unfortunately I forgot to turn on my tracker for our trip to Glenorchy and so is not included in the map.

The gallery below is a small selection of the fabulous country around Queenstown. (Click the small icons top right of any of the photo for a larger view and a slideshow).

No matter where you look there is a fabulous photo opportunity that is constantly changing. It is now the 19th of July and Chris and I set off in our little hire car tomorrow and Damian and boys head back to Australia.



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4 Responses to New Zealand 2019 Part 1

  1. Slav Jilich says:

    the photos bring back pleasant memories of our time in Queenstown

  2. Helen Page says:

    Long White Cloud, indeed! I have never been to New Zealand but Richard has, skiing. It really does look like a splendid place. We have a cousin in Wellington who would like to live here but her finances don’t fit which is a pity as she is a lovely person and we would be happy to have her in Melbourne. Have a great time both of you.

  3. Slip says:

    That’s why we love it too mate! The cardrona road on the bike is fantastic. Cheers.enjoy.

  4. Daryl & Sandra says:

    Loved your photos of around Queenstown and Cardrona. Its a few years since we were skiing there and were often too tired at the end of the day to appreciate the views –
    so thanks for the great shots as a reminder Graham.

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