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It looks like I have committed now to a complete new web site. I still have some more galleries to upload but other than that it is mostly finished (if a web site is ever really complete).

My original site was completely edited/created on my desktop PC then uploading via FTP.  Now however, the new site is created with WordPress/Mantra Theme, online with tools provided my website host.

My original intention was just to have a sub domain for blog site in preparation for when we next travel instead of creating journals in PDF form but now it seems I have gone the whole hog with a new site.

There are some downsides tho. The uploading and auto indexing of galleries within Lightroom has now become difficult and I have not found a way to include the Auto indexed Galleries in a WordPress site.

The galleries are still being created from within Lightroom  but I am creating the links to them manually from within the Website.  If there is anyone out there with some ideas in this area, I sure would appreciate some clues.

I am convinced that I do not want to use a “Gallery/Slideshow” “plug-in” with WordPress to create the galleries as the process with Lightroom makes for a very simple work flow. Unfortunately it is not possible to get the same “look” with the galleries as the main site.

Would much rather be in the bush taking photos however.

Comments would be appreciated

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