New Gallery Uploaded

New gallery titled “2011 Gap Year” now on the Galleries page.

In 2011 we took a year off from spending an extended time in the Australian Outback because of a number of contributing reasons.  Not the least of which were:

  • We needed to collect our new camper that we had had on order for 8 or so months.
  • We needed to attend at the birth of two new grandchildren, one new grandson in Sydney and a new granddaughter in Canberra 6 weeks later.
Also during the year we 
  • did some bush walking and visiting friends on the Murray.
  • and we did a short trip to Bali.
All in all it was a very pleasant year but not enough to quell the hunger for being on the road again.

This new gallery is a miss mash of photos, very few having captions or descriptions. 

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